Training and Development

Use this page to help you on your way toward mastering your CP-12 skills. Here you'll find tools and resources on funding, training, certificate programs, and professional development.

Training and Development

Training Resources

Requesting CP-12 Funded Individual Training and Travel

Request Process:
  1. Complete an SF-182 in GoArmyEd (GAE). The SF-182 must be approved by your supervisor at least 30-days prior to training. Once approved GAE will route it to CP-12 for approval. You can check the status in GAE.
  2. If you are requesting CP-12 funded travel or per diem:
        A. Provide the CP-12 manager with an LOA Request Sheet (this is used to apply the line of accounting in DTS).
        B. Prepare a DTS authorization shell (per the DTS Guidance).
        C. Check your DTS (at least 10 days prior to travel for your line of accounting).
Guidance and Required Documents:

Requesting CP-12 Funded Group Training and Travel

Request Process:
  1. Contact vendor for proposal/quote.
  2. Email the CP-12 manager requesting CP-12 funding: Include course, vendor, cost, location, and if travel and per diem are requested of not. If CP-12 agrees to fund, go to Step 3.
  3. Send a completed Group Request Spreadsheet to the CP-12 manager.
        • Group Request (Excel Spreadsheet)
        • Group Request (No travel or per deim) (Excel Spreadsheet)


Training and Professional Development