Free Courses

f Fundamentals of Communication:  Writing Techniques
g Fundamentals of Communication:  Briefing Techniques
k Risk Management & Job Hazard Analysis
n Radiological Health and Safety  (DODI 6055.8, DODI 6055.11)
p Intro to Explosives Safety for Safety Professionals AMMO - 107
s PAO Media and Safety
w Ergonomics  (29 CFR 1910)
x Industrial Hygiene  (29 CFR 1910)
af Range Safety (Range Level 1) - online
ag Civilian Education System Foundation Course  (Army Leadership Core Requirement or equiv leadership course)

For instructions to enroll in Writing, Briefing, Risk Management, and others not listed here, visit: https://safety.army.mil/CP-12/Training-and-Development/CP-12-Phase-1-and-II-Distance-Learning-Course-Instructions

To enroll in Radiological Safety (AMMO 66) and Explosives Safety (AMMO 107), visit: www.dactces.org

For PAO, Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene, visit: https://aiph-dohs.ellc.learn.army.mil/


  1. Sign in using CAC
  2. Select “Courses”
  3. Select “Browse Course Catalog”
  4. For Ergonomics, search for “Ergonomics” and select:
    • 124_CP12_INTERN_ERGONOMICS__002P88_2016_002_00_N
  5. For Industrial Hygiene, search Industrial Hygiene and select:
  6. For Public Affairs, search “Public Affairs” and select:
  7. For Range Safety, visit ALMS (access through AKO Self Service Training). Search keyword “ROPD” and select:
    • Range Operations Professional Development (ROPD) Phase 4A Course(Version: FY13)
  8. For Civilian Education System, visit: