3rd Quarter Tactical Vehicle Spike Campaign

3rd Quarter GMV Spike Campaign

3rd Quarter Tactical Vehicle Spike Campaign

Tactical motor vehicle mishaps are the greatest on-duty killer of the Army’s ground forces. Annual statistics show more Soldiers die in these incidents than any other single category of on-duty ground mishaps. Quite simply, driving — not live-fire ranges, mass tactical parachute operations or other high-risk missions — is the deadliest hazard most Soldiers face daily.

The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center recently conducted a deep-dive analysis of tactical vehicle mishaps since the beginning of fiscal 2015. The data revealed a "third quarter spike" showing a sharp increase in tactical vehicle mishaps throughout spring and early summer, but particularly during May and June. In effect, nearly a third of the Army’s tactical vehicle mishaps are occurring over a mere 16 percent of the fiscal calendar, year after year.

This campaign is dedicated to helping commanders and Soldiers stop these mishaps in not only 2021, but years to come. The following products are based on lessons learned from our study and recent USACRC mishap investigations, along with best practices and tools shown to mitigate risk across the force. For more information or to provide feedback, please email: usarmy.novosel.hqda-secarmy.list.safe-pao@army.mil.