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Fly the Aircraft

It was early 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom and I was flying as the tail gunner on a CH-47D Chinook. We were doing a troop movement from Camp Doha, Kuwait, to Balad, Iraq.

Announce Your Actions

Crewmembers are always briefed on crew coordination, specifically “announce actions,” before every mission; however, it isn’t always briefed from aircraft to aircraft.

  • 9 October 2016
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Fat, Dumb and Happy

Never be so committed to a planned flight that you refuse to alter it when an emergency happens. The next time you’re flying along fat, dumb and happy, remind yourself that good judgment will keep you alive.

  • 1 October 2016
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Throwing Shade

We were on the auxiliary power unit, ensuring all of our systems were functioning, when I looked to the right and saw something that caught my eye.

  • 25 September 2016
  • Author: Army Safety
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There You Were ...

We’ve all told stories that start with, “There I was …” This story, however, doesn’t begin like that. Whether you were right or left seat with 3,000 hours of experience or fresh out of Mother Rucker, most of us have been in this situation. At the very least, all of us have witnessed it. This time, the story starts with, “There you were ...”

  • 18 September 2016
  • Author: Army Safety
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Dangerous Conversations

The B-17 bomber was closing fast as I made a swift right turn to evade the heavy iron climbing toward my airplane. It happened when I was on a very routine mission flying a Cessna 182 as a law enforcement pilot.

  • 11 September 2016
  • Author: Army Safety
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