Safety For All Seasons

All Seasons

Your Life, Our Loss

When a Soldier dies in a preventable accident, it has a detrimental effect on the unit morale and welfare. That Soldier’s absence, however, extends far beyond the Army because often they also leave behind a heartbroken family, friends and colleagues.

In an effort to curtail these needless losses, the Army is introducing a new safety campaign titled “Your Life, Our Loss.” Unlike previous campaigns that combined spring/summer and autumn/winter safety topics, this new initiative has an all-seasons focus featuring multimedia products with year-round utility. Check this site often for updated materials throughout the campaign.

Everyone is susceptible to accidents, but tragedy is not inevitable. Take advantage of the risk management products and tools the Army provides to help keep you safe.

Remember, it’s your life, but our loss.

As always, the USACRC welcomes your suggestions and feedback.