DAP Functions

  • Be responsive to commanders’ needs while conducting Army Aviation, Ground Forces, and Workplace accident and injury trend analysis and loss prevention assessments for all Hazard Areas, Mishap Categories/Classes involving military and civilian employees across the Army.
  • Support commanders’ ability to make decision by information, analysis programs, best practices, lessons learned and risk management advice.
  • Facilitate Army SOH Program activities and ASOHMS administration in collaboration with the ODASAF, DASA(ESOH), and the ACOMs, ASCCs, and DRUs
  • Conduct analysis and make recommendations for DOTMLPF-P/JCIDS change activities, Institutional process integration, and proactive risk management activities across the Army enterprise.
  • Orchestrate the execution of loss prevention and hazard assessments, safety assistance visits, adjunct technical support and consultation.
  • Conduct analysis for complex safety and health challenges in support of Army loss prevention.
  • Conduct analysis, data requests, recurring reports, and support RFI responses.
  • Lead assigned Board/Councils and support others as required.
  • Provide effective integration and synchronization of Occupational Health/Health Protection and Safety activities.
  • Execute the Army Readiness Assessment Program (ARAP) and provide timely, actionable feedback to commanders.
  • Lead assigned Board/Councils and support others as required.

DAP MS Teams and SharePoint Site

The DAP MS Teams and SharePoint site contain documents and content associated with DAP business requirements. Access to these sites are restricted.