DAP Functions

  • Be responsive to commanders’ needs while conducting Army Aviation, Ground Forces, and Workplace accident and injury trend analysis and loss prevention assessments for all Hazard Areas, Mishap Categories/Classes involving military and civilian employees across the Army.
  • Support commanders’ ability to make decision by information, analysis programs, best practices, lessons learned and risk management advice.
  • Facilitate Army SOH Program activities and ASOHMS administration in collaboration with the ODASAF, DASA(ESOH), and the ACOMs, ASCCs, and DRUs
  • Conduct analysis and make recommendations for DOTMLPF-P/JCIDS change activities, Institutional process integration, and proactive risk management activities across the Army enterprise.
  • Orchestrate the execution of loss prevention and hazard assessments, safety assistance visits, adjunct technical support and consultation.
  • Conduct analysis for complex safety and health challenges in support of Army loss prevention.
  • Conduct analysis, data requests, recurring reports, and support RFI responses.
  • Lead assigned Board/Councils and support others as required.
  • Provide effective integration and synchronization of Occupational Health/Health Protection and Safety activities.
  • Execute the Army Readiness Assessment Program (ARAP) and provide timely, actionable feedback to commanders.
  • Lead assigned Board/Councils and support others as required.

DAP SharePoint Site

The DAP Sharepoint site contains documents and content associated with DAP business requirements. Access to the DAP SharePoint site is restricted.