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4th-Quarter Aviation Spike -
Chief of Staff of the Army,
June 2021

About this time last year, I sent a note to the field highlighting increased aviation mishaps during the fourth quarter of the previous five fiscal years.

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HQDA EXORD 226-21 Heat Illness Prevention

Leaders and Soldiers must understand that the prevention of heat illness is vital to sustaining combat power and ensuring readiness.

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4th-Quarter Aviation Spike

A 2020 study conducted by the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center showed overall aviation mishaps spiked during the fourth quarter (July-September) between fiscal years 2015-2019.

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Introducing SafetyNet

SafetyNet is a knowledge-based online safety and occupational health (SOH) platform that encourages professional dialogue and exchange of loss-prevention information. Create your profile today! CAC login required.

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Summer Safety 2021

With temperatures on the rise and pandemic-related restrictions lifting across the United States, many Soldiers and their families will be enjoying recreational activities...

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Off-Duty Safety Awareness
Presentation 2021

From FY16 – FY20, the Army lost an average of 86 Soldiers each year in off-duty mishaps. That’s over three times the number of Soldiers lost to on-duty mishaps. We can change this. To assist you, we have updated the annual Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation.

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ASMIS 2.0 Assessment, Inspection, and Survey Application Now Available

The assessment, inspection and survey application, part of the family of safety reporting software systems known as the Army Safety Management Information System 2.0, or ASMIS 2.0, underwent a full release March 1.


The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center preserves Army readiness through analysis, training, and the development of systems that prevent accidental loss of our people and resources.

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    Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned
    This portal provides one-page summaries that highlight lessons from recent Army mishaps and provides actionable recommendations to prevent similar mishaps. The portal also contains Navy lessons learned and JSSC monthly information. CAC login required.


    SafetyNet is a knowledge-based online platform for the Army safety and occupational health (SOH) community that encourages professional dialogue and exchange of loss-prevention information. The platform also allows online collaboration between members. CAC login required.

    Mishap Information & Statistics

    Mishap Statistics

    Access all statistics and reports


    Risk Management Information System

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    Online Training

    Risk Management, Commander’s Safety, Additional Duty Safety courses and more.


    Joint Risk Assessment Tool - Contains accident hazard and control information.


    Army Readiness Assessment Program - Learn the safety culture and climate within your organization.

    Legacy - Data & results for units registered prior to 15 March 21

    Enhanced - Data & results for units registered from 15 March 21 to present.


    Travel Risk Planning System - Going on Leave, Pass, or TDY?


    Exportable Briefings Portal

    The Exportable Briefings Portal serves as a repository for the most current USACRC command briefings. It includes the Aviation Safety Briefing, the Ground Safety Briefing and others.
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