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Everyone is a Range Safety

It was a drill weekend and we were heading to the range for hand grenade training. I had just assumed command of my company and was eager to gauge my unit's range safety program.

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OSHA Corner

A new tool for reporting OSHA events and violations. Also view OSHA statistics, reports and other resources.

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Throwing Safety
Out the Window

Several winters ago, I crashed my car into a guardrail on a desolate strip of road in northern New York. This accident could have been prevented, however, had I been honest with my leadership.

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Winter Safety

The winter months are upon us and with them come unique safety hazards. Visit our winter campaign page for great safety resources.

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ASMIS 2.0 Mishap and Near-Miss Reporting Application is Active

Effective 5 October 2020, users attempting to enter new reports into the ReportIt application will be redirected to the Mishap and Near-Miss Reporting application. ReportIt will stay active until 10 January 2021 so users can complete reports already started in ReportIt.

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Army Traffic Safety Training
Program (ATSTP) and
Motorcycle Safety Foundation Cards

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the suspension of the Army Traffic Safety Training Program for motorcycle riders and attendance to the local hazards briefings...


The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center preserves Army readiness through analysis, training, and the development of systems that prevent accidental loss of our people and resources.

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Safety Offices must investigate suspected cases of COVID-19.
If the individual tests positive for COVID-19, the safety office must make a determination if the infection is work related. Positive COVID-19 work related cases will be reported IAW AR385-10. For more information see: https://www.osha.gov/memos/2020-04-10/enforcement-guidance-recording-cases-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Army Public Health Center (APHC):

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

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    On Every Flight 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    On Every Flight

    One of the last things you expect to encounter when on a landing approach is a funnel cloud. Yet, it happened to me in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in the winter of 2013 on an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission.

    At All Times 0 PMV-4
    USACRC Editor

    At All Times

    My dad always took the time to ensure his children were safe. As soon as he noticed one of us doing something wrong or dangerous, he let us know immediately so it didn’t become a bad habit.

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    Lessons Learned

    NSM 2017

    The Lessons Learned portal provides one-page summaries that highlight salient lessons from recent catastrophic Army mishaps investigated by the USACRC. These summaries provide actionable recommendations to mitigate similar mishaps from occurring. The one-pagers are for official use only and restricted to DoD Common Access Card holders within the .mil network. The portal also contains Navy lessons learned and JSSC monthly information briefs shared across the services.
    Proceed to the Lessons Learned site.



    Accident Information & Statistics

    Accident Statistics

    Access all statistics and reports


    Risk Management Information System

    Most Requested

    Online Training

    Risk Management, Commander’s Safety, Additional Duty Safety courses and more.


    Joint Risk Assessment Tool - Contains accident hazard and control information.


    Army Readiness Assessment Program - Learn the safety culture and climate within your organization


    Travel Risk Planning System - Going on Leave, Pass, or TDY?


    Exportables Corner

    The Exportables Corner serves as a repository for the most current command briefings. It includes aviation and ground exportable briefings as well as the Army Pre-Command Course briefing.
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