RSA Functions

  • Assist the DASAF and CG USACRC in management and collaborative execution of overall research, studies, analysis, data requests, and recurring statistical reports.
  • Conduct academic quality, peer reviewed, research, studies, and analysis for complex safety and health challenges in support of Army loss prevention.
  • Perform data quality assurance functions to include statistical sampling, anomaly resolution, error corrections management, etc. in order to enhance ASOHEIMS (ASMIS-R) reliability and user confidence,facilitating data reconciliation and sharing within the CRC and with other DoD entities.
  • Analyze human error and behavioral data and identify trends using behavioral theory and associated populations of risk within the force to support loss prevention efforts by identifying potential future loss trends and in support of targeted safety messaging.
  • RSA - Lead assigned Board/Councils and support others as required. 

RSA MS Teams Site

The RSA MS Teams site contains documents and content associated with RSA business requirements. Access to this site is restricted.