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Tim Mikulski

Tim Mikulski
Health Physicist
Army Safety Office
Phone: (703) 697-1321
Email: timothy.h.mikulski.civ@mail.mil

Health Physicist as the Army’s Alternate Radiation Safety Officer (AARSO) in the Army Safety Office (ASO). Mr. Mikulski addresses both ionizing and nonionizing radiation safety for the U.S. Army. His primary roles are dealing with ionizing radiation safety to include Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing, Army Radiation Authorization, Army Radiation Permits, and Army Reactor Permits as a member of the Army Reactor Council and nonionizing radiation safety that includes lasers, radiofrequency radiation, and microwaves. Mr. Mikulski works with the Army Commands, other Military Services, and Federal agencies on radiation safety initiatives and issues. His background in radiation includes working at the Fort Belvoir Research Development and Engineering Center (BRDEC) laboratory in radiation research and at the Night Vision laboratory working in infrared research. Tim received his undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh and his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The Catholic University of America. He is a board Certified Health Physicist (CHP), a member of the Health Physics Society, and a member of the local Baltimore-Washington Health Physics Society.