Seek answers to Army safety awards questions through your local safety manager or officer prior to contacting the Army Award points of contact below.

For the following awards:

  • Army Headquarters Safety Award
  • Army Exceptional Organization Safety Award
  • Army Individual Award of Excellence in Safety
  • Army Guardian Safety Award
  • Director of Army Safety Risk Management Award
  • Army Industrial Operations Safety Award
  • Army Excellence in Explosives Safety Award
  • Army Accident Prevention Award of Accomplishment
  • Army Aircrew Safety Award
  • Unit Impact Awards
  • Army Safety Excellence Streamer
  • Unit Safety Certification Award
  • 10,000 Army Flight Hour Award


Contact the USACRC Army Safety Awards manager:
(334) 255-0043   DSN: 558-0043



For the Broken Wing Award contact:
(334) 255-0043   DSN 558-0043



For assistance or guidance in publicizing any Army Safety Awards event or ceremony: Contact the USACRC Directorate of Communication and Public Affairs usarmy.novosel.hqda-secarmy.list.safe-pao@mail.mil
(334) 255-3770   DSN 558-3770



We stand ready to answer your questions or comments. Check with us for the status of your award submission. Tell us how we can make the program work for you. Share your program successes and let us link to you.