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Accident Reporting and Investigation Guidance
Accident reporting and investigation guidance, criteria, forms, instructions and tools.

Accident Statistics and Reports
Contains public and restricted accident statistics and information.

Annual Assessment
At the close of every fiscal year, the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center analyzes mishaps and trends for the previous 12 months to provide commanders actionable information for preventing loss within their formations.

Army Readiness Assessment Program (ARAP)
Commander's Tool for assessing the safety climate and culture in their organization.

Army Safety Awards
Programs, policies and forms for Army Safety Awards. Also lists award recipients.

Army Safety Management Information System 2.0 (ASMIS 2.0)
ASMIS 2.0, the Army Safety Management Information System 2.0, is a family of information technology systems that underpins the Army Safety and Occupational Health Management System (ASOHMS).

Aviation Safety Information
Manned and unmanned aviation safety information.

Aviation Safety Officer Training
Aviation Safety Office Course (ASOC), Senior Aviation Safety Officer Seminar (SASOS), and Accident Investigation and Analysis Course (AIC) information.

Center for Army Lessons Learned
The Center for Army Lessons Learned is the Army's daily focal point for adaptive learning based on lessons and best practices. Login required.

Civilian Safety Guidance and Tools
Guidance and tools pertaining to Army civilian safety.

Training, professional development and more for Career Program 12.

Crash Rescue Products
Aviation crash rescue posters and videos, danger area posters and passenger briefings.

Driver's Training Toolbox
Provides a central location for the materials necessary to establish and maintain an effective driver training program.

Evil Eight
Pamphlet with the purpose of informing Army leaders of the most common causal factors of Class A mishaps that occur both on and off duty.

Explosives Safety Information
Ammunition and explosives safety publications, guides, training, alerts and other resources.

Flightfax Online
Provides Army aviation personnel a monthly publication that looks at near-term accidents, aviation safety issues and a blast from the past out of the "old" Flightfax magazine.

Flight Surgeon Guide to Safety and Accident Investigations
Guidance for flight surgeons participating in accident investigations.

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Information
A United Nations initiative recently adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, will standardize the way chemical-based hazards are communicated to workers, primarily through labeling and safety data sheets.

Government Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Information
Safety information for driving and maintaining tactical and non-tactical government vehicles.

Joint Risk Assessment Tool (JRAT)
Interactive, automated online system developed to augment risk management planning and decision-making for ground operations.

Ground Safety Officer Training
Course curriculum, prerequisites, training schedules and application information for Additional Duty Safety Officers.

Home and Family Safety Information
Information to keep you and your family safe while at home.

Leader's Guide to Soldier and Crew Endurance AKO login required

Marine Activities Safety Information

Motorcycle Mentorship Program (MMP)
Voluntary unit- or installation-level organization where inexperienced and seasoned riders are paired together to create a supportive learning environment that promotes safe and responsible riding.

National Safety Council (Member Exclusive Content)
Access a collection of exclusive content available only to National Safety Council members.

Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation (ODSAP)
Highly informative safety presentation containing statistics, contributing factors and other relevant information regarding off-duty accidents.

Office of Special Counsel website
OSC's primary mission is to safeguard the merit system by protecting federal employees and applicants from prohibited personnel practices, especially reprisal for whistleblowing.

Online Safety Training and Courses
Courses include Composite Risk Management, Commander’s Safety, Additional Duty Safety and more.

OSHA Corner
Use this portal to report OSHA events and violations and view OSHA statistics, reports and other resources.

Pedestrian Safety Information
Pedestrian and roadside assistance posters, videos, brochures, articles and more.

Preliminary Loss Reports (PLR)
Within 48 hours of a loss, PLRs provide a synopsis of the incident: Unit, date of loss, and description of the activity at the time of the death.

Radiation Safety Information

Rail, Port, and Cargo Safety Information

Recommendation Tracking System (RTS)
Allows Army Safety Directors, Army Staff, Army Special Staff, and Program Executive Office Safety Directors to view active and inactive Army Level Findings and Recommendations specific to their command.

Risk Management Magazine
An online article repository containing best practices and lessons learned submitted by Soldiers, Leaders and safety professionals. Also contains seasonal safety and other articles.

Risk Management Information System
A simple, yet powerful, end-user tool to provide Army accident data from the Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS) Database.

Risk Management Training and Guidance
Risk management is the Army’s process for helping organizations and individuals make informed decisions to reduce or offset risk.

Safety Campaigns
Featuring multimedia products with year-round utility.

Safety Feeds
These feeds allow webmasters to quickly and easily display latest PLRs, news and other USACRC content on their website.

Safety Messages from Leadership
Safety messages from the leadership of the Department of Defense, Army and U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center.

Safety, Occupational and Environmental Health (SO&EH) Strategy 2020 – 2028
Injury and illness prevention is putting "People First" and is critical to mission success and personnel resiliency.

Safety Poster Library
A categorized and searchable library of all available posters.

Safety Video Library
A categorized and searchable library of all videos available for viewing and/or download.

SafetyNet Online Community
SafetyNet is a knowledge-based online safety and occupational health (SOH) platform that encourages professional dialogue and exchange of loss-prevention information. Visit the site to establish a profile and get started. CAC login required.

Small Unit Leader Cards
Printable cards designed to facilitate risk management discussion between Leaders and Soldiers.

Sports and Recreation Safety Information
Safety information for off-duty activities including team and individual sports, water activities and more.

Tactical Ops Safety Information

Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS)
An automated trip planning tool that facilitates a dialogue between supervisor and subordinate prior to PMV travel.

USACRC Contacts/Help
Request help, provide feedback or find contacts at the USACRC and Army Safety Office.

Weapons and Explosives Safety Information
Online resources for explosives, range and weapons safety.

Workplace Safety Information
Workplace safety programs are part of the Army Safety Program which fulfills the OSHA requirements as they apply to Soldiers and Army civilians performing their non-combat role during garrison and industrial operations.