Program Overview

Program Overview

Army Safety Awards Program Overview..

The Army Safety Awards Program is designed to recognize, promote and motivate success in accident prevention through risk management by recognizing the accomplishments in the field of safety by individuals and units. It features positive measurements of current Army goals, improved plaques and certificates, and streamlined submission procedures. The program allows organizations to develop additional awards that are tailored to meet their unique accident prevention and safety recognition goals.

Army Safety Awards Program Guidance

Army safety awards will be approved and presented in accordance with the criteria established in DA PAM 385-10. Augmentation of Army Headquarters Safety Award Programs with local safety awards is encouraged. Receipt of a safety award does not preclude an individual from receiving a military award as described in AR 600–8–22 or an incentive award.

A nomination for an award should be submitted to the appropriate approval authority within two years of the action or period under consideration. Para 6-2 d, DA Pam 385-10.

Nominations should be prepared in accordance with procedures set-forth in AR 25–50 (Preparing and Managing Correspondence).

Replacement of awards is at the discretion of the award approving authority. Proof of award and justification will accompany requests for award replacement.

Army Safety Awards Program References

Primary References
AR 385-10, Army Safety Program
AR 600-8-22, Military Awards
DA PAM 385-10, Army Safety Program
DA PAM 385-90, Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program

Support References
AR 95-1, Flight Regulations
AR 95-23, Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Regulations
AR 672-20, Incentive Awards (civilians)
DA PAM 672-20, Incentive Awards Handbook

Legal Guidance on Funding Safety Awards

AR 385-10, para 8-5d states: Commanders are encouraged to develop and issue policies for safety impact awards to promote safety awareness through on-the-spot recognition of safety related actions that are above and beyond what is required of an individual or organization according to AR 600–8–22, chapters 3, 10, and 11. Authorized awards include: medals, trophies, badges, commanders’ coins, and plaques. Personal use items such as gym bags, clothing items, coffee mugs, and so forth should not be used as incentive awards to promote a safety program.


DA 1119-1, Certificate of Achievement in Safety (pdf)