Fire Prevention

Fires have caused the Army loss of lives and millions of dollars in equipment damage.  The most common causes of electrical fires are by improper electrical wiring, overloaded electrical cords and outlets.  Most tent fires are a result of improperly operated space heaters.

To reduce common causes of electrical fires:

  • Ensure qualified personnel are used to work on electrical equipment
  • Don't use electrical cords that are damaged and do not daisy chain cords
  • Don't overload electrical outlets

To prevent space heater fires in tents:

  • Train personnel in the proper use of heaters
  • Use the proper fuel in heaters and stoves
  • Don't place combustible items near heaters

All ways have a fire escape plan and train personnel on plan.  Ensure fire extinguishers are operable, visible and unconstructive.  Also use smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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