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United States Army Reserve Motorcycle Riders

USAR POC: Commercial (910) 570-SAFE (7233)
Use of the DA 1380 for pay or points credit for Motorcycle Riders Safety Training. Download Form

For completing the Riders Course on drill status there is no formal policy, but at the discretion of the individual commander. Most units utilize RST for credit or at a minimum a DA Form 1380 for points under the umbrella of safety training and the Chief of the US Army Reserve highly encourages a paid status. Coordination with the commander on status must be made prior to the use of the DA 1380 for pay.

If the unit commander elects to allow attendance for pay during scheduled battle assembly or as an RST it should be clearly spelled out in a policy letter or Safety SOP to ensure all soldiers are afforded the same opportunity and equal treatment. Of course a record of training and copies of certificates maintained.

USARC has authorized the RSC Safety Offices to fund Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training for Soldiers at any MSF RiderCourseSM. This training is mandatory for all Soldiers who ride motorcycles. We will fund the Basic RiderCourseSM for all Soldiers and the Experienced RiderCourseSM for any Soldier who has completed the Basic RiderCourseSM.

Click here to download the SF182 form.


Army National Guard Motorcycle Riders

Contact your State/Territory Safety Office for Motorcycle Training information.

Motorcycle Safety Courses for NYARNG Riders


ARNG Motorcycle Range Application Procedure

Please use the following address: ARNGRERP@ng.army.mil to submit all Rider Education Recognition Program and Motorcycle Safety Foundation Range requests. We are now the Motorcycle Military Coordinator for the Army National Guard. All applications for a RIder Education Recognition Program, new motorcycle training ranges, or adding ranges must be reviewed by ARNG.

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