For Interns

The CP-12 Intern Program mission is to recruit, hire, train, develop, and mentor highly skilled individuals who immediately contribute to mission readiness and are the future leaders in the Safety and Occupational Health career field.

For Interns

Career Program 12 Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) Intern Program

ACTEDS Intern Recruitment Handbook

CP-12 Intern Handbook and Brochure

CP-12 Phase I Prerequisite Distance Learning Courses

All CP-12 interns are required to complete Phases 1 through 5 of the CP-12 Intern Resident Training. An intern’s resident course assignment will be determined by their entry on duty date.

  • Phase 1 Distributed Learning Courses completed at duty station online
  • Phase 2 University Training at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
  • Phase 3 United States Army Combat Readiness Center Resident Training, Fort Rucker, AL
  • Phase 4 Developmental Assignments, locations to be determined
  • Phase 5 On the Job Training at duty station

CP-12 Intern Handbook and Brochure

All CP-12 ACTEDS Intern Defense Travel System (DTS) accounts are maintained by the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel (AG-1 CP), who is the authorizing official for funding ACTEDS Intern travel and training requirements. Commands can fund some of their interns training requirements, but their Defense Travel Administrator will have to place a CROSS-ORG LOA into the interns DTS profile.

All CP-12 interns, must create an account in GoArmyEd to request training.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

In accordance with Army Regulation 350-1, all Army Civilians are required to have an approved IDP documented and maintained in Army Career Tracker. Within the first 30 days of coming on board, you and your supervisor will work together to create your initial IDP, to include all CP-12 training requirements. The IDP is living document that must be updated annually as you obtain your career goals.

Additional Civilian Resources

United States Army Civilian Onboarding and Acculturation Program New Employee Onboarding Handbook. A valuable resource tool for new Army civilians and their supervisor to assist the new Army Civilian with transitioning into the Army Civilian Corps. Additional information located on Army Career Tracker under the Communities Tab. Please search Army Civilian Onboarding and Acculturation Community to access.