Joint Risk Assessment Tool (JRAT)

The Joint Risk Assessment Tool (JRAT) is an interactive, easy to use, automated system designed to assist users with the application of risk management IAW JP 3-0, Joint Operations, and Service specific risk management publications.

JRAT replaces the Ground Risk Assessment Tool (GRAT) developed for the Army in 2008. It features enhanced usability and performance capabilities based largely on feedback and recommended improvements from GRAT users.

As the name implies, JRAT is a joint-Service tool that contains portals for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Each portal provides users with overall Service-specific mishap statistics in addition to mishap vignettes, mishap summaries, and guidance and resources related to a given mission type. This content is user focused to provide relevant information for the production of an automated Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet.

The Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheets provide users the option to create their own mission types, subtasks, hazards and controls along with the ability to select from potential subtasks, hazards and controls identified for various pre-populated mission types and off-duty activities. This allows users the opportunity to capture subtasks, hazards and controls they may not have previously considered.

In addition to the ability to send a Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet to the Approval Authority and Reviewer, JRAT also allows the user to share their worksheet with others for collaboration prior to submitting it for approval.

JRAT is designed to assist organizations and individuals in applying risk management which is critical to preserving lives, resources and military power.