Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation

Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation

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In order to assist you with making every Soldier aware of the off-duty hazards they will face in the upcoming months, we've updated the off-duty safety awareness presentation. The presentation includes the latest information regarding off-duty accidents, new graphics and embedded videos, as well as speaker notes. While it targets the Army's top off-duty fatal activities, it also includes information on things such as home safety.

Although the presentation and speaker notes can be used as is, you can add or delete slides and modify the notes to suit your presentation style or to reflect what is happening in your unit. Again, our goal is to assist you in making every Soldier aware of the off-duty hazards they face in the upcoming months so they can become part of the solution in preventing the next accident. Please let us know if you found this presentation useful and how you think we could improve it.

2015 Presentation

Thanks for all you are doing for our Soldiers and their Family members.