Training/Unit Safety

Training/Unit Safety

The Army Traffic Safety Training Program is required training for all Army personnel. The training is established to reinforce a positive attitude toward driving, individual responsibility, and correct response to routine and emergency driving situations.

POV Driver Training

  • AARP 55 ALIVE Driver Safety Program: 1-888-227-7669
  • AAA Safe Driving for Mature Operators Program: Call your local AAA club to find a class near you.
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course: 1-800-621-7619
  • Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc.: 1-800-270-3722

Remedial Driver's Training

  • DoDI 6055.04 - Individuals who have been convicted of a moving traffic violation or who have been determined to have been at fault in a traffic mishap off base while operating a privately owned motor vehicle shall, before authorization to drive on installation is given after such an incident, demonstrate satisfactory participation in and completion of any training mandated by an outside court, at no expense to the government, or lose installation driving privileges.