Ground Safety Officer Training

The Ground Safety Officer Course (GSOC) teaches the skills necessary to establish safety qualified Additional Duty Safety Officers for Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians. Included in the course curriculum is training in: Risk Management, Explosives Safety Management, Accident Investigation and Reporting, Range Safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 511. Completion of the training will award students with a 6Q Officer Skill Identifier (SI) or a Warrant Officer and Enlisted Additional Duty Skill Identifier (ASI).

The training is offered as a six-week resident course, or phased training. The phased training encompasses four phases of training (phase I is distance learning; phase II is resident training; phase III is distance learning; phase IV is resident training) that must be completed over a two-year period, phase II & VI of resident training is three weeks long each.

NOTE: Prior to a DA Form 1059 and certificates being awarded, all Resident training must be completed within two years of the Phase II completion date.

Ground Safety Officer Courses
FY 20
Class # Report Date: Start Date: End Date:
20-001 07 Oct 2019 08 Oct 2019 20 Nov 2019
20-002 03 Feb 2020 04 Feb 2020 17 Mar 2020
20-003 24 Mar 2020 25 Mar 2020 05 May 2020
20-004 18 May 2020 19 May 2020 30 Jun 2020
20-005 11 Aug 2020 12 Aug 2020 23 Sep 2020
Phase II
P02 06 Jan 2020 07 Jan 2020 28 Jan 2020
Phase IV
P04 14 Jul 2020 15 Jul 2020 04 Aug 2020

How to apply:

Individuals should apply for the course through their organization’s schools representative. Use the USACRC School Code (012) and the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) course # 6Q-F12 to register in ATRRS.


Before arriving for courses you should be familiar with the following regulations: AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program; DA Pam 385-10, Army Safety Program; ATP 5-19, Risk Management; AR 600-55, The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program; and DA PAM 385-40, Army Accident Investigation and Reporting.

GSOC Information:

Fort Rucker Course: The Report Date above is actually a travel day, you WILL NOT report on the report date. You will report on the Start Date for a Height/Weight/Tape on Day one of the course. You will receive an email with the report time and location prior to the beginning of class. No travel will be scheduled prior to 1700hrs on the End Date of the course, no exceptions.

Uniform: Duty uniform for Soldiers is ACU/OCP and business casual for civilians.

Travel Orders: During the course, you will be given a large amount of reference material. If you are traveling by air, you may want your orders to contain authorization for mailing this material home.

Course Completion Requirements: Students must pass all examinations and attend all training. Students who have already completed OSHA 511 will still complete the training during GSOC, no exceptions. Do not plan on scheduling routine appointments during the course. Students who miss more than 5% of the course will not graduate. Five percent of the course equates to 12 hours for the six-week course and six hours for the three-week course.

Prerequisites: Students are required to complete the on-line Additional Duty Safety Course (ADSC) as a prerequisite prior to attending the resident training. Information on signing up for the ADSC can be found on the Online Training page.

Students will bring their Additional Duty Safety Course (ADSC) completion certificates to the course.

NOTE: Students must arrive to the course with a valid AKO Email and valid CAC card, this will allow for faster registration and in processing. During the course, you will be introduced to several internet-based safety management tools.

Welcome Packets:

Ground Safety Officer Course Staff:

Common email: usarmy.rucker.hqda-secarmy.list.safe-gsoc@mail.mil

Chief, Ground Safety Training Division
    Commercial: (334) 255-3833; DSN: 558-3833

Registrar: 334-255-0251

Operations: 334-255-0171