Tactical Safety

Tactical Safety

0018 - Safety & Occupational Health - Tactical Safety

Tactical safety professionals are an essential component in maintaining the Army's overall readiness. They work across the spectrum of warfighting functions (movement and maneuver, fires, intelligence, sustainment, command and control and protection). Their training has equipped them to meet the needs of the Army in challenging assignments worldwide, including deployments in support of combat, humanitarian, contingency and peacekeeping operations-often in austere environments. These professionals are trained to anticipate and identify hazardous conditions and practices; assess risks; develop hazard control designs, methods, procedures and programs; implement, administer and advise others on hazard control initiatives; and measure, audit and evaluate the effectiveness of accident prevention programs.

Tactical safety professionals are "in-house" safety advocates who provide commanders from the brigade up with hands-on technical assistance to support the preservation of combat resources. In addition to the required competencies all safety and occupational health professionals must meet, tactical safety professionals are trained in the following fields:

  • Composite risk management
  • Tactical safety
  • Deployment/redeployment accident prevention
  • Joint accident investigation and analysis
  • Electrical/fire safety
  • Range safety
  • Explosives safety
  • Deployment environmental safety and occupational health
  • Resource threat assessments
  • Live/simulated tactical training operations
  • Ground operations
  • Railhead, airlift, and sealift operations
  • Transport of personnel and cargo
  • Wheeled and tracked vehicle operations
  • Combat engineer/construction operations
  • Field maintenance operations
  • Field maneuver sites