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    A Potent Mix for Disaster 0 Military Ops & Training
    USACRC Editor

    A Potent Mix for Disaster

    Everyone in the military has their own reasons for joining. I volunteered because I needed to support my growing family. I almost ended my life and Army career at age 19, however, when I — like so many Soldiers before and after me —...
    Don't Be So Aggressive 0 PMV-4
    USACRC Editor

    Don't Be So Aggressive

    I am a pretty calm guy. I find that getting worked up about things only tends to make matters worse. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy getting other people riled up, particularly those who are being jerks. I eventually learned, however,...
    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    As an aviator, I am cautious around anyone who uses the word “easy.” Just because a mission appears to be simple does not mean it will turn out that way. It is our responsibility as pilots to conduct proper flight planning procedures...
    Sharing the Good and Bad 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    Sharing the Good and Bad

    All too often in aviation, we are hesitant to admit when we don’t know something or, even worse, that we made a mistake. This was never more evident to me than when my unit began to turn in our OH-58A/Cs and transition to the UH-72 Lakota.

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