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    A Shocking Surprise 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    A Shocking Surprise

    The weather forecast was typical of a warm, North Carolina spring afternoon — visibility was great with 10 miles and a 30 percent chance of isolated thunderstorms. We had based our mission operations out of a local airport. As lead aircraft...
    A Lack of Intervention 0 PMV-2
    USACRC Editor

    A Lack of Intervention

    I wasn’t there the night the accident happened. I wish I had been. I might have been able to talk some sense into him. However, a chain of bad decisions and lack of intervention would take him from his parents and sibling, his friends, the...
    Stick with the Standards 0 Military Ops & Training
    USACRC Editor

    Stick with the Standards

    While the drivers returned to the motor pool to secure the fire extinguishers, the remaining Soldiers began to load up in the trucks. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed too many Soldiers heading to the rear of one of the trucks. I made my way...
    Riding in the Benelux 0 PMV-2
    USACRC Editor

    Riding in the Benelux

    The Benelux area offers scenic views for motorcycle riders to enjoy, especially during beautiful weather. However, before one jumps on their bike and goes for a ride, they must follow the proper procedures to legally ride in the Benelux.

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