Seasonal Safety Campaigns

Seasonal Safety Campaigns

Ready...or Not?

Know the Signs Every two years, the Army releases a new safety campaign intended to promote individual responsibility and engagement on all fronts — among Leaders, Soldiers, Civilians, Families and peers — to help prevent fatalities and injuries throughout the year.

The current safety campaign is entitled Ready...or Not? It is designed to heighten awareness of risk factors by causing individuals and Leaders to ask themselves one simple question, “Are you and/or your organization ready for what is about to happen?”

Ready ... or Not? is released as two mini-campaigns — spring/summer and autumn/winter — which serve to raise awareness of the increased hazards associated with the different seasons. The campaigns also provide safety and information on accident prevention issues that apply year-round, such as distracted driving and home safety.

Safety has a direct correlation to unit and individual readiness. Unit readiness is defined as having adequate personnel, materiel and supplies, equipment and training that, when properly balanced, enables immediate and effective application of military power. Leaders should ask themselves, “Is my unit ready for whatever event or situation will come next?” Individual readiness is defined as being physically and mentally capable of executing any given task. Individuals should ask themselves, “Am I ready for whatever event or situation will come next?”

The readiness of our Army is dependent on a variety of things such as funding, training and education, equipment and personnel. Through the prevention of accidental loss of our Soldiers, Civilians, Families and vital resources through risk mitigation, we aid in the preservation of the force.
Spring/Summer Safety (1 Mar 2017 - 4 Sep 2017)
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Spring is in the air and it's time to safely spend some of that pent-up energy. Spring/Summer topics include sports/recreation, driving, home safety and more to help keep you safe while enjoying the warmer weather.
Autumn/Winter (5 Sep 2016 - 28 Feb 2017)
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Autumn and winter topics include fire prevention, private motor vehicle, pedestrian, personally owned weapons, cold injury prevention and more.
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