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    A Feline FOD Check 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    A Feline FOD Check

    Foreign object damage on a military aircraft is a serious issue. Before every mission, the entire flight crew, which is five personnel on a CH-47, checks for foreign object debris (FOD) and ensures the aircraft is ready for the mission. Depending...
    Going Downhill 0 Sports & Recreation
    USACRC Editor

    Going Downhill

    One April, my sister talked me into running an insane 24-hour relay race called the Ragnar. Twelve of us decided to take on this challenge — a 192-mile trek through the scenic Wasatch Mountains, just east of Salt Lake City. With so many in...
    In the Zone 0 PMV-4
    USACRC Editor

    In the Zone

    Work zones on U.S. highways have become increasingly dangerous places for workers, drivers and passengers. There are a large number of work zones in place across America; therefore, highway agencies are working on not only improving communication...
    Your Undivided Attention 0 PMV-4
    USACRC Editor

    Your Undivided Attention

    If you identify as a multitasker who can do three or more things at a time well, please pull over to the side of the road, turn off the radio and put down the coffee. If you are someone who can only do one thing at a time, thank you for your...

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