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    Returning to Normal Operations Safely 0 PMV-4
    USACRC Editor

    Returning to Normal Operations Safely

    As we continue to navigate the pandemic, the Army is seeing fewer overall mishaps, both on and off duty. The concern is: Where will we be once operations return to normal and Soldiers can once again experience unlimited travel while on pass or...

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    An Army aviation maintenance complex shares many of the attributes of a crime scene. When something goes wrong, or a crime is committed, there are many pieces to the puzzle.
    The Absent Ground Guide
    Ground guiding is a task almost every Soldier performs. Ground guides assist equipment operators in identifying potential hazards, obstacles and personnel that they may not otherwise see. However, when it’s not executed safely, lives are in jeopardy. 
    • 1 October 2013
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    Enforce Standards, Save Lives
    During the team brief, our instructor pilot said he was going to conduct continuation training with a new crewmember during our mission. Near the end of the flight, crew coordination went out the window and almost cost everyone their lives.
    • 1 September 2013
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    Recipe for Safety
    The Soldier mentality isn’t one that usually sets a priority on safety. As one brigade found out, leadership and Soldier involvement with a little competition proved to be the recipe for changing Soldiers’ understanding and mindset of safety.
    • 1 September 2013
    • Author: Army Safety
    • Number of views: 8360
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    Weather Surprise
    Weather in any environment can be just as dangerous as the enemy we are fighting. Because it can be different than what is briefed by the controlling agency, sometimes, depending on situation, you have to revise or abort the mission.
    • 1 September 2013
    • Author: Army Safety
    • Number of views: 7143
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