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    Maximizing Safety 0 Workplace
    USACRC Editor

    Maximizing Safety

    The job of an aviation safety officer is practically identical to that of James Bond — filled with intrigue, danger and martinis (shaken, not stirred). Well, maybe not intrigue or martinis, but definitely danger, as in protecting our...
    Who is Flying the Aircraft? 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    Who is Flying the Aircraft?

    I showed up at my first assignment as an aviator right as we were headed out the door for a deployment in Regional Command East. I was excited and nervous. My Readiness Level 3 to 2 progression took two flights and suddenly I was flying combat...
    Watch the Road 0 PMV-2
    USACRC Editor

    Watch the Road

    As a longtime motorcycle enthusiast and fan of riding periodicals, I’ve read about various strategies for avoiding accidents. Articles warn of traffic-related problems motorcyclists encounter all too frequently — drivers backing out...
    Stick to Procedures 0 Aviation
    USACRC Editor

    Stick to Procedures

    Nothing will make you reflect on how lucky you are more than escaping a bad situation unscathed and beating the odds that were stacked against you. Predicting weather in Iraq was difficult at best. And even though the Air Force weather...

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    Ground guiding is a task almost every Soldier performs. Ground guides assist equipment operators in identifying potential hazards, obstacles and personnel that they may not otherwise see. However, when it’s not executed safely, lives are in jeopardy. 
    Enforce Standards, Save Lives
    During the team brief, our instructor pilot said he was going to conduct continuation training with a new crewmember during our mission. Near the end of the flight, crew coordination went out the window and almost cost everyone their lives.
    • 1 September 2013
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    Recipe for Safety
    The Soldier mentality isn’t one that usually sets a priority on safety. As one brigade found out, leadership and Soldier involvement with a little competition proved to be the recipe for changing Soldiers’ understanding and mindset of safety.
    • 1 September 2013
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    Weather Surprise
    Weather in any environment can be just as dangerous as the enemy we are fighting. Because it can be different than what is briefed by the controlling agency, sometimes, depending on situation, you have to revise or abort the mission.
    • 1 September 2013
    • Author: Army Safety
    • Number of views: 7184
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    The Smallest Detail
    In the air, things can change — some for the good, some for the bad. That’s where good planning comes into play. The smallest detail can change the outcome of a flight, which is what happened to me on a deployment in Iraq.
    • 1 September 2013
    • Author: Army Safety
    • Number of views: 998
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