Preliminary Loss Reports (PLRs)

About Preliminary Loss Reports (PLRs)

PLRs are intended to be used as an engagement tool for leaders to discuss the hazards and trends impacting Soldier safety and readiness. A PLR contains only basic information, as the investigation is ongoing, but provides sufficient background to allow leaders an opportunity to communicate risk at the Soldier level.


PLR 23-021 - PMV-4 Mishap Claims One Soldier's Life

A 57-year-old Staff Sergeant assigned to the U.S. Army National Guard, Oskaloosa, Iowa, on Title 10 orders died in a PMV-4 mishap 8 January 2023 in Johnson County, Iowa, at 0530 local. The Soldier reportedly was on his way to work when he was involved in a multi-vehicle mishap and sustained fatal injuries. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department notified the unit of the mishap. The specific circumstances of the mishap, including speed, the Soldier’s use of a seat belt, and the involvement of alcohol or drugs as contributing factors, are currently unknown. The unit/safety points of contact are waiting for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to release its final report.

Since FY18, the Army has lost an average of 35 Soldiers a year to PMV-4 mishaps. This mishap was the 11th PMV-4 fatality of FY23 and above the number of fatalities for the same time period last year.



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