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Is Your Equipment on the Fritz?


Ground Division
U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center
Fort Rucker, Alabama

Are you having problems with your equipment? If so, you should file a Product Quality Deficiency Report, or PQDR, for every malfunction or defective item, part or tool you find. Don’t call the manufacturer for help since that’s against regulation. Instead, file a PQDR so the Army can act to correct it. Any item that does not meet the “form, fit or function” criteria is a candidate for a PQDR. It may seem a hassle, but this is essential. As well, it will help your unit avoid excessive charges.

When you get a defective part, you want a replacement fast and your unit wants to be reimbursed for the bad one. PQDRs should not be submitted for issues or damage because of improper use, improper handling or normal wear and tear. Reporting items that fail to meet quality standards helps reduce the amount of defective materiel sent out. This process in turn saves money and lives.

Make sure to include the following details: NSN or defective item; original unit requisition number; contract number; supplier name; complete narrative of problem. File PQDRs through the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program at https://www.pdrep.csd.disa.mil. For help with the PDREP or filing PQDRs, contact customer support at DSN 684-1690 or (207) 438-1690.

  • 1 July 2018
  • Author: Army Safety
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