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PLR 18-011 - Fall Mishap Claims One Soldier's Life

A Sergeant Major assigned to 128th Aviation Brigade, Fort Eustis, Virginia, died in a fall mishap 4 November 2017 at 1330 local in Beaverdam, Virginia. Preliminary reporting indicates the Soldier suffered fatal injuries when he fell while trimming a tree at his residence.


Unless you can work with both feet on the ground and the job is a simple pruning of small branches, consider hiring a professional tree service.

  • Working at height requires proper training and protection due to a number of risky variables such as electrical wires, wildlife, nearby fences, buildings or homes.

  • It takes knowledge, skill and expertise to correctly estimate where a larger limb will fall when cut from the tree.

  • Professionals use the right kind of equipment and proper safety precautions to prevent catastrophic results from miscalculations.

  • If you are trimming your own trees:

  • Assume all power lines are energized.

  • Do not work on any trees within 10 feet of a power line; leave that to the pros.

  • Wear personal safety equipment.

  • Do not work in dangerous weather conditions.

  • Use caution on ladders and lifts.

  • Do not climb with tools.

ANALYZE IT: https://safety.army.mil/ShrinkLink/163

TRAIN IT: https://safety.army.mil/ShrinkLink/173

  • 19 January 2018
  • Author: Army Safety
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