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PLR 21-058 - PMV-4 Mishap Claims One Soldier's Life

A Specialist assigned to Fort Hood, Texas died in a PMV-4 mishap 26 April 2021 in New Braunfels, Texas. At 0715, the New Braunfels Police Department (NBPD) responded to a single vehicle mishap. Upon arriving to the scene, the NBPD Officer discovered that the Soldier was trapped in his vehicle and notified Emergency Medical Services. When EMS arrived, he was pronounced dead, extracted out of the vehicle, and transported to the Sunset Funeral Home in San Antonio, TX. The Soldier was later identified through his driver’s license and other paperwork in the vehicle. At 0908, the Fort Hood police desk received notification of the mishap from the NBPD Officer on scene. Shortly after, Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services, Station Operations notified the chain of command. At this time, specific information and factors that contributed to the mishap are unavailable. The safety point of contact is awaiting the results of the investigation.

Since 2016, the Army has lost an average of 33 Soldiers a year to off-duty PMV-4 mishaps. This mishap is the 26th PMV-4 fatality of FY21.



  • 4 May 2021
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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