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PLR 20-076 – PMV-2 Mishap Claims One Soldier's Life

A Sergeant assigned to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, died in a PMV-2 mishap 26 August 2020 in St. Thomas. At 2215 hours, a civilian notified emergency personnel of a body in bushes next to a motorcycle. Details of the incident are unknown, but the initial investigation suggests the Soldier was riding on the highway when he collided with a guardrail. Use of personal protective equipment and completion of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses have not been verified. Speed and alcohol use are unknown at this time. The mishap is under investigation.

Since 2016, the Army has lost an average of 28 Soldiers a year to PMV-2 mishaps. This preventable mishap is the 17th PMV-2 fatality of FY20 and below the number of fatalities for the same time period last year.

While the specific circumstance surrounding this mishap are unknown at this time, here are some important motorcycle safety tips and facts:

•Per vehicle miles traveled, motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely than people in passenger cars to die in a traffic crash.
•Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to the hazards of road conditions.
•Motorcycles are far less crashworthy and less stable than four-wheel vehicles.
•Look Where You Want To Go: This is an important concept when riding. Looking where you want to go and then going there is crucial to avoid obstacles you may face on the road.
•Obey the speed limit; the faster you go, the longer it will take you to stop. Be aware of local traffic laws and rules of the road.



  • 3 September 2020
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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