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PLR 21-026 - GMV Mishap Claims One Soldier's Life

A Staff Sergeant assigned to Camp Eagle, South Korea, died in a Government Motor Vehicle mishap 4 January 2021 on Camp Casey, Korea, at 0330 local. The Soldier was driving a Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) and arrived to a live-fire complex as the advanced party for a field training exercise. The Soldier and a passenger were in the LMTV near the entry road to the live-fire complex when the vehicle overturned. The Soldier suffered fatal injuries. The passenger is currently being evaluated at the local hospital for minor injuries. Ice is believed to have played a role in the mishap, which is under investigation.

Since 2016, the Army has experienced an average of 18 GMV mishaps per year. This mishap is the fourth GMV mishap of FY21 and slightly above the number of similar mishaps during the same time period last year.

Snow and Ice Reduce Traction:

1. When driving on snow or ice, make sure the vehicle is equipped with chains, snow tires or studded tires.

2. When roads are dangerous because of weather, drive with extra care and at reduced speed according to conditions.

3. Even when a road appears to be generally clear of ice, use caution. There can always be small patches of black ice on the road that can cause even the most experienced operator to have a mishap.

4. A good winter driving rule is to slow down before coming to bridges and shaded places. Be especially careful in late afternoon and after dark.



  • 12 January 2021
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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