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Just a Cast Away

If you’re like me, you cherish every opportunity to take a break from your busy work schedule to toss a line into the water, regardless the time of year. These occasions are especially important to me now as my career is beginning to sunset and fly fishing provides me with quiet, peaceful moments.

Avoiding Downhill Disasters

The silver lining to the shorter, colder days of winter is the snow and the outdoor sports typically reserved for this time of year. Winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding and ice skating provide fun, excitement, fresh air and good exercise for all ages.

  • 27 November 2022
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Nature Calls

Are you one of those hardy souls who enjoys the great outdoors during winter? Sure, the Army trained you to work and fight in the cold, but what about when you’re off duty, hiking or backpacking with friends or family?


  • 6 November 2022
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A 'Routine' Ride

Success was finally at hand as the 700-pound elk laid at my feet. This magnificent creature was the culmination of hours upon hours of physical preparation, mental concentration and pure luck. I had achieved a lifelong dream — taking an elk with archery tackle.

  • 16 October 2022
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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Headed for a Fall

It was October in south Mississippi and the weekend was upon us. For some, it was probably no different than any other weekend. For others, however, it signaled the beginning of something we’d looked forward to all summer — hunting season!

  • 11 September 2022
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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Training Smart

As Soldiers, we must maintain our bodies, physical fitness and mental alertness — not only for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters in arms and our mission. Stay healthy, stay hydrated and accomplish the mission!

  • 1 August 2022
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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