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Under Pressure
Many times in a deployed environment, things that were once high on the priority list are moved toward the bottom. This can be broken down to two simple reasons: time and threat.
If You Aren't Sure, Ask
After an incident involving spilled fuel, it was brought to my attention that it will corrode the aircraft’s fiberglass and sheet metal, weakening it. The aircraft needs to be washed as soon as possible. This incident taught me an important lesson: If you aren’t sure, ask.
  • 1 February 2014
  • Number of views: 539
A Slip Away
It is important that aviation maintenance technicians stay engaged in hangar and shop operations. Tools that our Soldiers use may be unsafe and unserviceable; we’ll never know until we check or if there’s a mishap.
  • 1 February 2014
  • Number of views: 13285
DZ Considerations
It’s important to take your job seriously when performing the duties of a DZSO. Lives depend upon you doing your job thoroughly, by the books and attentively. 
  • 1 February 2014
  • Number of views: 13236
Accidents compromise mission success

For nearly 12 years, Soldiers and civilians have deployed in support of Overseas Contingency Operations. As units ramp up for deployment, sustain operations and then redeploy, there’s an increased potential for accidents to happen.

  • 8 January 2014
  • Number of views: 13052