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In the air, things can change — some for the good, some for the bad. That’s where good planning comes into play. The smallest detail can change the outcome of a flight, which is what happened to me on a deployment in Iraq.
Convoy Close Call
The weather wasn’t optimal as we postured to head out. The poor visibility and road conditions we encountered, coupled with an inexperienced driver, eventually led to an accident we were lucky to survive.
  • 1 September 2013
  • Number of views: 7085
Killed by Convenience
As we flew the assistant division commander for operations to Forward Operating Base Warhorse for a meeting, we received a frantic call for help over the common frequency. The message was clear: A critically wounded Soldier at a smaller FOB needed immediate evacuation or he would die.
  • 1 September 2013
  • Number of views: 865
Rocky Mountain High

I have had the pleasure of attending some of the best schools the Army has to offer. One school recently taught me the valuable lesson of knowing my personal limitations regarding high-altitude flight.

  • 1 August 2013
  • Number of views: 923
It's Your Runway
There I was, looking down an 11,000-foot runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. I was working on my instrument rating, and navigating the labyrinth of taxiway here intimated all new pilots, especially this one.
  • 1 August 2013
  • Number of views: 665