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Deer Crossing
Living in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the deer population is abundant, I’ve had more than my fair share of run-ins with our four-legged friends while riding my motorcycle.
Listen to Your MOM
When it is time to ride again, follow the removal-from-storage steps your MOM specifies.
  • 30 September 2018
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Over the Edge
While deployed, I had saved my money and wanted to purchase something fast. I quickly realized I didn’t have the funds to get a convertible sports car, so I opted for a sport bike instead.
  • 19 August 2018
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A Wake-up Call
So what will it take for us to understand that when we push ourselves to the limit on our bikes, sooner or later we’re going to lose?
  • 12 August 2018
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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Riding in Paradise
Hawaii … beautiful islands with year-round riding weather. What more could a rider ask for?
  • 29 July 2018
  • Author: Army Safety
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Maintain Your Lane
I live in a grossly overpopulated suburb of New York City known to many as the sixth borough. Traffic congestion and patterns are reportedly some of the worst in the nation.
  • 15 July 2018
  • Author: Army Safety
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