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Enforcing Standards

The first 90 days of a deployment, especially a first-time deployment, is statistically one of the most dangerous times an aviator can face in his or her Army career.

Running Out of Torque, Altitude, Airspeed and Ideas

After a few minutes, another layer of rime ice started to build on the clear ice, causing the ice rate meter to swing to “heavy,” stay there a minute or two, and then return to “light.” This cycle continued until we had 3 inches of mixed ice on the antenna and WSPS.

  • 14 December 2021
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Batteries Not Included

I believe the most dangerous period during a mobilization is the redeployment phase. It’s at this critical juncture that safety can seriously be degraded — if not ignored entirely — to complete the remaining tasks.

  • 8 December 2021
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Shadow of a Doubt

It is incumbent on leaders to provide subordinates with the tools they need to accomplish the mission safely. In turn, it will give them the confidence they need to make sound decisions and exercise good judgment.

  • 1 December 2021
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A Snow White Flight

The flight was one of many we took to Bosnia, but this time was different because it was snowing. Little did I know what was in store for us.

  • 28 November 2021
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Enduring the Elements

Excitedly, I boarded the bus that would take me to cold-weather medicine training. I knew this school would enhance my capabilities significantly. What I didn’t know, however, was I’d end up a cold-weather injury victim.

  • 21 November 2021
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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