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A primary goal of strength training is to develop stronger and better-functioning muscles and joints to more effectively and safely accomplish physical tasks. The deadlift and squat are common exercises performed to improve lower body strength.

Territorial Terror

We all know the dangers of snakes — especially those of us who live in the South, where the weather is hospitable nearly year round for the slithering serpent. If you see a snake, usually you won’t have any issues if you just leave it alone. That was not the case in my situation.

  • 16 March 2020
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Don't Get Benched by Injury

Strength training, also known as resistance training, is an important part of a balanced exercise program.

  • 20 February 2020
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What If?

What if? If we apply this short question to many of our day-to-day activities and assess the “what if’s” rather than disregarding them, we are performing an abbreviated version of risk management?

  • 16 February 2020
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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Fishing for Trouble

Most of my near misses happen off-duty, when we tend to let our guard down. This story is a good example.

  • 1 January 2020
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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On Thin Ice

If there is one thing that’s true about safety, it’s that there are no new ways to create accidents.

  • 15 December 2019
  • Author: USACRC Editor
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